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£1m park transformation to be funded through soil importation initiative

Central Park is set to undergo significant improvement (IMAGE: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham)
Work has begun on a project to deliver £1 million worth of improvements to Central Park in Dagenham. 

What makes the project innovative is its funding model – the works will be paid for largely through income received from the importation of 230,000 m3 of environmentally clean soil which has been removed from other build projects within the M25 that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The project, commissioned by Barking and Dagenham Council and delivered by Alliance Leisure Services in partnership with Golf Leisure Experts (GLE), is expected to take two years to complete. 

Expected to take two years to complete, the works include the creation of a new ‘story telling area’ or amphitheatre, capable of hosting an array of events and performances. There will also be a play park for toddlers and young children and an adventure playground for older children, while the park’s community use tennis courts will be refurbished. A mile of new pathways will be also incorporated into the park which, until now, has been largely untouched since it opened in 1932.

Central Park is one of 28 parks and green spaces across Barking and Dagenham and is part of the council’s commitment to making Barking and Dagenham a greener borough and creating high-quality green spaces to secure a better, safer and healthier future for children and future generations.

Saima Ashraf, Deputy Leader of Barking and Dagenham London Borough Council, said: “The project is no mean feat and the work involved is massive, but once finished, our residents will have access to a rejuvenated park and some first-class leisure and recreation facilities. 

“Our parks provide an important space for people to get outdoors, exercise, socialise, and enjoy nature – and with our parks and green spaces amounting to more than three times the size of Hyde Park, there’s plenty to explore and appreciate in Barking and Dagenham.” 

The works are expected to complete by Autumn, 2023. Alliance Leisure is delivering the project through the UK Leisure Framework, owned and managed by Denbighshire Leisure. The project employs the services of Ian Cotgrave, Omega Design Consultants, as clerk of works and all soil transportation is being managed by Thames Materials. Contouring and landscaping are being designed by Weller Designs.
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