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CIMSPA and Well HQ partner for course focused on female health and physical activity

The Female Body Course is targeted at anyone working with women in sport and physical activity settings to better understand the female mind and body (Image: Pixabay)

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) has partnered with The Well HQ to launch a new educational pilot aiming to enhance the knowledge and confidence around female health and physical activity.

The course has been designed to help those working in education – especially further and higher education settings – responsible for delivering learning or teaching to students who, in turn, will be moving into roles where they will be working with women and girls.

Called the Female Body Course and created by The Well HQ, the course will be first piloted at Loughborough College. The evidence-based course will provide knowledge and practical actions across a wide range of women’s health topics in sport – from menstrual cycles in sport, to fitness kit for female bodies.

According to Baz Moffat, CEO at The Well HQ, the Female Body Course is targeted at anyone working with women to better understand the female mind and body, and tackles difficult subjects such as common myths, taboos, and challenges, as well as strategies to support young women engaging in physical activity.

“If your work includes supporting women and girls, or you are teaching others who will go on to work with women and girls, then this course provides invaluable tools and knowledge that you can use to enhance your professional understanding and delivery,” Moffat said.

“This project has serious potential to shift the dial and have a huge impact on the experience of girls and women in sport and exercise.

“How great will it be for those who are going to be the teachers, coaches and trainers of the future to be taught from the start about female health, as a normal part of their education as opposed to an afterthought.”

Loughborough College will host the first live session in January 2024. Online sessions will be utilised to deliver the rest of the 16-week course.

For more information – and to apply to the course – click here.

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