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CIMSPA’s Digital Marketing Hub secures investment for second year

The Digital Marketing Hub will continue to operate for a second year, after Sport England awarded £520,000 worth of National Lottery Funding to the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

The Hub is operated by CIMSPA and is a free-to-use collection of resources and information aimed at improving the digital marketing skills of the sports and physical activity sector. It is targeted at those involved in the delivery of sport and physical activity – from coaches, personal trainers and sport volunteers to marketing executives and gym operators.

According to CIMSPA figures, more than 5,300 people now use the Digital Marketing Hub – and a questionnaire surveying users suggests that results have been impressive. Since its launch in September 2021, a huge majority (87%) of users have changed their behaviour to have a greater impact across their organisations such as talking to others, gathering information and taking action.

The survey also shows that 60% of users now feel more confident when communicating in an inclusive way, with 42% stating their communication with people from low socio-economic groups has significantly improved.

Adam Freeman-Pask, Head of Digital Innovation at Sport England, said: “The Digital Marketing Hub is a key resource in helping the sector to recover and reinvent, enabling us to tackle inequalities and ensure everyone has the opportunity to be physically active.

“Within the first 9 months of operating the Digital Marketing Hub has received impressive volumes of visitors and registered users from a diverse range for organisation types across the sport and physical activity sector.

“It is hugely positive to see the sector developing in-house digital marketing capabilities in this way, thanks to the Digital Marketing Hub, so that we are more agile and resilient for the future.”

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