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Cork and olive infill for Dutch club’s 3G pitch

The sustainably sourced infill is a mix of cork and olive pits (IMAGE: Amorim Sport)

SAPCA member Amorim Sports has made its Dutch debut after supplying Schagen United in The Netherlands with its cork-based natural infill for a 3G artificial football pitch.

Amorim’s Organic 202 infill combines cork and olive components in a special processed way, providing an alternative to the polymeric rubber crumb infill.

 “The Schagen United pitch was a pilot project and the players’ feedback was very positive,” a spokesperson for Amorim Sports said. 

“The club was really satisfied with the performance aspect. 

“While the olive core component ensures the necessary stability in the system, the cork component contributes to the reduction of force and increases playing comfort thanks to its natural elasticity. The size distribution, as well as the infill shape, is optimised to minimise the discharge from the system and the maintenance effort.

“In contrast to other natural infill materials, it is weather-resistant, rot-resistant and ensures constant playing performance.”

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