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Escape aims to make functional training more inclusive and accessible

The solution aims to bridge the gap between education and equipment (IMAGE: Escape)

Equipment specialist Escape Fitness has launched its new Multi Activity Resource Station (MARS-2.0), as part of plans to break down barriers to participation that exist when people feel unsure of how to safely and effectively use gym equipment.
Designed to “bridge the gap between education and equipment”, MARS 2.0 aims to create a more inclusive training environment.
Matthew Januszek, CEO, Escape Fitness, said: “MARS 2.0 provides ‘always on’ equipment instruction and coaching, perfect for training spaces that do not always offer in-person support from instructors.
“Many people, especially those who are new to functional training, can be put off training because they are unsure of how to engage with the equipment.
“Being able to access equipment demonstrations and pre-loaded programmes that focus on how to use the equipment gives the operator peace of mind that people can train safely and the user the confidence to participate.”
Clicking on the MARS 2.0 touchscreen unlocks a large selection of fitness content from individual exercise and equipment demonstrations to full-on workouts. The entire Escape Fitness content library is available to all, with the option to switch-on and switch-off content streams to reflect the gym’s equipment provision.

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