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Football Foundation to increase support for LED lighting projects at 3G pitches

The funding will help upgrade lighting solutions at 3G pitches (Image: Abacus Lighting)

The Football Foundation will begin providing grants to support the upgrading of previously funded 3G pitches with LED lighting solutions.

Funding will be made available for new installations that replace existing lighting systems with LEDs, as well as projects which retrofit LED systems to existing masts.

For the new funding, The Football Foundation is establishing a supplier list for third parties with previously funded 3G pitches.

The grants must be used by third parties to award contracts to a supplier on the supplier list. Suppliers appointed to the supplier list will then have the opportunity to bid for the contracts.

Contracts will cover completion of the floodlight works including site surveys – including the feasibility of retaining the masts – and applying for planning permission, as well as installing and testing the new floodlights.

Contracts are expected to have a value in the region of £20,000 – £70,000 depending on the upgrade.

All contracts will be subject to agreement and negotiation with the relevant third-party contracting parties.

The Football Foundation is now inviting lighting companies to join the supplier list. For more information, visit the notice page here.

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