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Free, practical online “toolkits” launched for to help organisations and their volunteers

The themes covered by the interactive toolkit include planning the volunteer workforce (Image: EOSE)

A free set of products and support tools, aimed at improving the recruitment, management, retention and training of sport volunteers, has been published online.

Designed to help sports organisations of all sizes, the free “V4V” online interactive toolkit includes two innovative online tools to support the creation and management of volunteer workforces. One of the tools is targeted at organisations, while the other is for volunteers.

The Grow and Sustain their Volunteer Workforce toolkit, aimed at sports organisations, enables any sports organisation to log in for free and find out how well they are doing with their volunteer management, by answering 20 questions.

The themes covered by the interactive toolkit include planning the volunteer workforce, recruiting and organising volunteers, managing and rewarding people and training and development. Once the questions are answered, the toolkit will offer scores and insights into what the organisation’s volunteering strengths and weaknesses are. It can also point organisations in the right direction with 20 research-based learning resources covering the themes – with many real-life good practice case studies.

The organisation toolkit can be accessed here.

For sport volunteers, there is a self-reflection tool, which can help people better understand the skills they have gained when volunteering. The interactive resource guides sport volunteers through the process of analysing what they have done while volunteering and then provides an individual profile revealing the competencies, skills and personal qualities they have developed. It will then give them a downloadable report which can be pasted into a CV or resumé – all for free.

The volunteer toolkit can be accessed here.

The V4V resources are a result of a project involving 13 organisations across Europe, led by European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE).

The other 12 organisations behind the V4V project were:

Sport and Recreation Alliance
Leeds Beckett University
International Sport and Culture Association
European Volunteer Centre
World Rugby
International Judo Federation Academy Foundation
Romanian Football Federation
Finnish Athletics Federation
Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth
Estonian Foundation of Sports Education and Information
National Institute for Sport Research
Hungarian University of Sports Science

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