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Grassroots football: 92% of clubs cancel games due to unplayable grass pitches

Nearly all clubs have experienced match cancellations due to adverse weather over the past year (Image:

Bad weather making grass pitches unplayable during the winter months remains among the biggest threats to grassroots football in the UK.

According to fresh research, 92% of clubs experienced match cancellations due to adverse weather over the past year (2023-2024).

Conducted by football equipment retailer, Forza, the research also shows that clubs are struggling financially, with seven out of 10 clubs don’t feel they have sufficient funding to support their activities.

The study was based on a survey on 186 football clubs across England – comprising more than 600 teams and 6,000 players from step 6 and below – collected between February and March 2024.

It shows that less than half (46%) of clubs rate their facilities as “good” or “very good”, with the rest (54%) describing them “average”, “below average” or “poor”.

Nearly two thirds (62%) of clubs surveyed lack access to purpose-built training facilities.

The cost of renting pitches is also hitting clubs.

“The significance of pitches for all clubs cannot be overstated,” the report states.

“However, the turbulent events of recent years have meant that funding this essential aspect of operations is getting more difficult. Unsurprisingly, 81% of clubs renting their pitches reported facing a minimum 5% increase in costs, whilst 29% of clubs have seen an increase of 16% or more, underscoring the mounting financial pressure on grassroots clubs.”

To read the full report, click here.

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