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Sport England: launch of Buddle an “important moment for sport and physical activity”

Buddle is aimed at both volunteers and professionals (Image: Sport England)

Sport England has launched a new service, designed to offer those working in community sport and physical activity “the support and resources they need to thrive”.

Aimed at both volunteers and professionals, Buddle will provide free learning and support resources to inspire and strengthen clubs and organisations in the sport and physical activity sector.

The new service will replace the current Club Matters and will offer users the latest information, training and tools to help clubs and organisations overcome challenges and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Resources available via Buddle include guidance on all aspects of developing, running, and growing a club or organisation and access to training and development opportunities in order to improve and develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence of the sector’s workforce.

It will also feature relevant news and developments from across the sector, as well as signpost users to further support from other trusted sector experts. 

Phil Smith, Sport England’s executive director of partnerships, said the launch of Buddle was “an important moment for the sport and physical activity sector”.

“The launch of Buddle is a significant moment in our support for those who help make grassroots sport and physical activity happen,” he said.

“We know community groups, whether they’re large sports clubs or more informal gatherings that encourage people to be physically active, play an enormous role in helping people to live active lives.

“The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent cost-of-living crisis have been enormously challenging times for these groups, and we hope Buddle will ensure these organisations have access to the tools and resources they need to be a success.

“We’re passionate about enabling organisations to be safe, inclusive, agile and resilient enough to secure their long-term future and unlock the advantages of sport and physical activity for everyone.”

Buddle is an amalgamation of ‘buddy’ – the role the service will play with the sector – and ‘huddle’ which, according to Sport England, symbolises the coming together and collaboration required to help an organisation to be successful.

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