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Surge in number of people playing tennis across Great Britain

The Number Of Adults Playing Tennis Increased 43% In 2022 (Image: The LTA)

The number of adults playing tennis in Great Britain increased by 43% in 2022, rising from 3.3 million to 4.7 million.  The figure comes from the sport’s national governing body, The LTA, which says the numbers mark the highest total recorded since 2017.

According to the LTA, participation numbers also show that more than two million adults now play tennis monthly, another record high.

Participation among 16-34 year-olds jumped 48 per cent in the year – more than any other age category.

According to LTA Chief Executive, Scott Lloyd, the increases were a result of a concerted effort to make tennis more accessible and welcoming.

These include investment in booking systems to make it easier for people to find local opportunities to play, the roll out of a LTA Youth programme and a £14.3m investment – through grants and loans – in new facilities across Britain

“At the LTA, our vision is tennis opened up and we’ve worked hard to put solid foundations in place to make tennis more accessible,” Lloyd said.

“We have a fantastic network of coaches, volunteers, clubs and park courts – and we’re investing in all of these to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved.

“We’re also committed to making our sport more inclusive and ensuring it appeals to a wider demographic through specially tailored initiatives like LTA Youth, She Rallies, LTA SERVES and LTA Open Court. We’ve also got some brilliant players at the top of the game who are flying the flag for British tennis internationally and providing inspiration to fans and the next generation alike. I’d like to thank everyone involved in British tennis for playing their part in growing the game.”

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